2018 Yard Sale
​It began with posters, flyers, advertising and banners put together and set up by Carol Mahler who then led Jeff Griffis, Luke Wilson, Jim Potter, Dennis Tyson bringing a huge load of sale items from storage to the Fairgrounds.  In the meantime, Vernon and Linda Keen and Norma Banas set up the tables and clothing racks and swept the floors.  In the mornings of the week prior to the sale, volunteers Arlene and Warren Conley, Stella Parker, Forest Reynolds, Marsha Kransdorf, Mitzie McGavic, Pat Moore, Kathy Bryce, Linda Keen, Karen Smoke, Susan Kuczenska, and Norma sorted, priced and placed everything on tables.  Vernon Keen and Dave Hutchinson moved the heavy items and set up the furniture section. Warren and Dave stayed with us the whole week to provide “ man power”.

The day of the sale we were helped by Deacon DeFelippo, Damian Pierce, Rodrigo Santiago, Dakota Gearheart, Joy West and Carlos Ramirez from JROTC.  They helped bag item, move heavy boxes and pack up.  Dennis Tyson and Mitzie McGavic were super fast and efficient as cashiers.   Forest, Susan, Kathy, Pat, Linda,  Arlene, Warren, Vernon, Jeff, Bruce and Norma helped customers and stayed to help box everything for Habitat to take back to their store. Vernon  was the lone man at the end blowing all the debris away while Warren made sure everything got to the dumpster which was supplied by Womack.

​It was a lot of work and everyone was exhausted at the end of the day but everyone also felt proud and happy to make this annual event another success.


​​​Reflections on “One Day’s Work” reprinted from the December 2008 newsletter, page 1  by Yard Sale Chairperson Clel Shore

    People say we did well for a day’s work, so I will give a little background about our fourth annual yard sale. Thanks to all that helped, worked, sang, played the guitar, cooked, drank, baked, shopped, sold, painted and posted signs, marked prices, donated, sat, ate, delivered, hauled in, and hauled away.
Carol Mahler wrote an article for the newspaper and made three trips to Winter Haven to drag furniture and stuff from a friend’s home.  Leonard Higley worked months in his yard and clearing out his barn for our storage. When things were delivered to his back porch, he and Kay had to carry everything to the barn and then drag it out to price. A week before the sale, Leonard put out tables and covered them with tarps. He uncovered them every day so we could put out more stuff, and he put the tables away at the end.
 Thanks to Jack Welch, I talked on the radio a month before the sale asking for donations and then twice more to ask people to come and buy.  We have someone that picks up all the stuff that is left over, folds the tarps, and cleans up the yard, so that at the end of the day, all is done. They had people in Nocatee whose house had burned . . . .
    So, the rest of the story: "for one day’s work" we made $1800!

   ANNUAL YARD SALE discontinued in 2019

In 2005, the DeSoto County Historical Society held its first annual Yard Sale at the home of Betty and Paul Brown who lived on Tangelo Street just west of Airport Avenue.  Carol Mahler did a bake sale with coffee available, too.  
    In 2006, the yard sale moved to the Historic Parker House Bed and Breakfast Inn, the home of members Kay and Leonard Higley, a great location on W. Hickory Street.  Clel Shore worked as chairperson of the event, and she and the Higleys provided “pick up” for donations. The Higleys also allowed us to collect donations on their back porch (and later in a tarp-covered trailer in their yard), and they stored donations in their “barn.” We had live music during the sale, and in addition to selling baked treats, we also sold cold drinks and hotdogs that Leonard grilled.

    In 2011, after Kay and Leonard Higley moved to North Port, the Society moved the sale to the DeSoto Fair Grounds Exhibition Building, and it became the indoor yard sale that it is today.  Marty Dow grilled hotdogs—as did the Boy Scouts one year—and we had fantastic bake sales coordinated by June Sowell.    Initially we tried to collect donations on the porch of the John Morgan Ingraham House and then in a donation wagon alongside the Ingraham Seed House, but some of these items walked away. We are grateful to Bebe Bradbury and Donn Jackson for storing the donations in their barn then and every year since.  The yard sale takes five days of work to price and set up and a lot of volunteers.  Beginning in 2019, the Society will be taking on the responsibility of the annual Tour of Homes.  It is felt that we need to shift our volunteers and our efforts to the Tour of Homes so, for now, it was voted to not have the annual Yard Sale.

Clel Shore at Parker House yard sale

Clel passed away August 2018.  She will be missed.