Introduction by Carol Mahler
The Birth of DeSoto County and Its First Government by Luke Wilson
My Dorr Field Pin by Arlene Williams Conley
How to Teach a Fish to Jump by Steven Ames and Harold McLeod
How To Make a Whistle with a Saw Palmetto by Luke Wilson and Carol Mahler
The Founding of Arcadia by Margaret Way
Building a School: One Block at a Time by Verlene Stebbins Hickson and Carol Mahler
The Woman’s Club Library of the 1920s and 1930s by Ruth Reynolds Dunn and Frances Pooser
“Cracker” Crumbs and Cures by Forest Reynolds Sunny South Packing Company by Carol Mahler Florida Chocolate-Orange Cake by Bea Hollingsworth Fort Ogden’s May Day Picnic by Carol Mahler
A postcard from the past . . . what’s the news? and The 1917 Diary of Ella Ralls
Hickson Funeral Home: All in the Family by Verlene Stebbins Hickson and Carol Mahler
The Acline Discovery by John Arvine Reynolds
Downtown Service Stations Disappeared by David Bedell Historic Photograph of Oak Hill School by Carol Mahler
Fish ‘n’ Grits by Harold McLeod and Carol Mahler Circuit-riding Preachers Crossed Florida Prairies, Bringing Hope to Early Settlers by Luke Wilson
“Arcadia Has” (reprinted from the March 12, 1920, issue of The DeSoto County N ews)
Letter from W. O. Ralls to Annie Causey Ralls, August 10, 1903
Disappearing Wildlife by John Arvine Reynolds
Delia Twiss: Queen of the Rodeo by Ruth Reynolds Dunn
Football Rivals: Dunbar vs. Smith-Brown by Fred Carter with D.C. Collington and Carol Mahler
Old Newspaper Archives by John Lawhorne Local Currency by Carol Mahler
DeSoto Abstract Company by Elise Zarli Verlene Hickson’s Old-fashioned Bread Pudding Florida Frontier Life by Carol Mahler


Arcadia’s All-Around Cowgirls in the 1940s by Ruth Reynolds Dunn Old Hugh Gilbert by Ed

Johnson  More Fish Branch Memories: Two Planes Crashed One Day by Arlene Williams

Conley “To A Native Son” poem by Ada Cody  

Lieutenant Alfred W. Roe by Carol Mahler 

Alice’s Cafe by Charlotte Patricia Hill Carter  

Mass Meeting excerpted from the Arcadia City Council Minutes by Margaret Way  

“Come to Arcadia, Florida” poem by J. B. H.  

Robert W. Clark, Jr., and Structures of the Past by Carol Mahler with Jack Clark  

Burrowing Owls by Evelyn Sasser  

Dr. Otto E. Roesch of Fort Ogden by Walter Bagnall  

Letter from E. H. Daniel to W. E. Daniel 1896  

Day Book: Recipes, Remedies, and Remembrances by Carol Mahler with Dan Sangaree 

Recipe: Snowballs with Strawberry Sauce by Dan Sangaree  

They Shot Turkeys With Style by Margaret Hays 

The Sustaining Prayers of Miss Tillie Brown by Forest Reynolds  

Why Does a Town Build a School? by Carol Mahler and Margaret Way  

Ruby Lucille Ricks Taught at DeSoto County High School by Carol Mahler  

Bayheads by John Arvine Reynolds  

The Johnsons in Hardee County’s Fish Branch Community by Clint Johnson

Thomas J. Herndon and The Courthouse Square by Carol Mahler



Introduction by Carol Mahler Pine Level and the South Florida Frontier by Jana J. Futch “The Library” reprinted from the H istory of S mith-Brown School 1892-1950 DeSoto County Rode the Crest of the Chautauqua Movement by David Bedell Fish Branch: Swimming Hole and Canning Kitchen by Arlene Conley Arcadia Supplies Alligators for America by Carol Mahler Baby Alligator advertisement reprinted from The Open Road magazine
The Ingraham Seed House Historical Research Library by Katherine Ingraham Kuhns
Liverpool: The Old Town by John Reynolds
Tin Can Tourists by Connie Kauffman
How to Make a Slingshot by Howard Melton as told to Carol Mahler
Play Ball! by Charlotte Carter
Arcadia Dodgers by Charlotte Carter
Notes from City Council Minutes and The Arcadian Newspaper in the 1930s by Margaret Way
Broomsedge Brooms by John A. Reynolds
Phosphate Mining in the Peace River Valley by Karen Smoke
A Selection from A V eteran of Four Wars by F. C. M. Boggess
L. and E. Foods compiled by Margaret Hayes
L. and E. Club History by Margaret Hayes
The Legend of Acrefoot Johnson by Spessard Stone
The John Morgan Ingraham Home History Museum by Kathleen Ingraham Kuhns
Cracker Crumbs and Cures, Part II by Forest Reynolds
Rattlesnake Johnson: Snake Hunter and Entrepreneur by Kay Harvin Cookies While You Sleep by Ella Ralls
A Brief Note About Miss Ella Ralls by Bruce Neveau
A Birthday Party, February, 1935, Fort Ogden, Florida by June Falany Sowell