Silver Sponsor  $1,000:
A Plus Environmental Restoration, LLC

​Event Sponsor:
Crews Bank & Trust, Member FDIC
Arcadia Computer
David Abraham
Publix Market

Entertainment Sponsor:
Sweet Southern Horse & Carriage
Wheeler Cafe
Arcadia Printing
Desoto Sign Company
Glass, Antique for Not
Mary Margaret’s Tea and Biscuit
Peace River Campground
Trudi & Jack Super

Williamson Group Realty
E & I Family, LLC​

Friend Sponsor  $25:
Cindy McLeod Ely
Norma and Marsha
Arlene & Warren Conley
David & Michelle Montgomery
Arcadia Garden Club

John & Forest Reynolds

To participate in 2020 as

           a sponsor   (click here to view sponsor information)

           a vendor selling appropriate products

           an author with pertinent books to sell

           a volunteer who wishes to help 

call vendor chairperson at 863-558-6115 or email at: sanctuaryofarcadia@gmail.com for information or an application.​

Demonstrations include quilting, tatting, spinning and wood craft.

Children's area has many hands on activities.

We also wish to thank sponsors who have donated product and time to help make Pioneer Day a success...

Joshua Citrus for citrus to use in the Childen's Area so that children can experience old fashioned squeezing of juice.

Worden Farm who donated a half bushel of organic beets so we can bake Chocolate Beet Cake to give as samples plus make the recipe available for a donation to the Society.

Peace River Campground for providing our entertainment stage, golf carts, trash cans.

Wheeler's Cafe for making the iced tea which we will provide at Pioneer Day.

Dakin Dairy ​kindly supplies cream so we can demonstrate making butter in the Children's Area.

Brian Feed Supply for the hay for our fossil dig.

Florida Power and Light Inc. for the sand.

Cow Camp - showing how the pioneer cowboy lived.

History is everywhere to read and enjoy

Children's activity area

2019  Pioneer Day was not a financial success,  but it was a success in all other ways…
It was raining when Society workers started arriving at 6 am and the rain continued intermittently for several hours with a break before pouring down again just before closing time.  Not one volunteer failed to come to help and all stayed the full day.   
               Only 6 vendors (out of 47) left because of the rain.  Most vendors failed to meet their financial goal yet each one plans to return next year.   Though attendance was down, there were an amazing amount of people who did come.   The big draw was the BBQ, and people left in droves with big take out boxes.   New attractions were the addition of pony rides from Sweet Southern Horse and Carriage and  DeSoto County Fire Rescue’s pretend house on fire with a hose with which the children (and adults) could put out the fire.
A thanks to Karen Smoke, Susan Kuczenska, Marsha K for setting up the vendor spaces on Friday and Marsha, Norma, and Mitzie McGavic for seeing the vendors got to their appointed space on Friday and Saturday.  
             Thanks to Cindy Ely we had another fabulous Children’s Section of historic and fun interactive activities.  Many volunteers helped in the children's area under the supervision of Jahna Leonard: David, Paul, Marie, Annie, and Adria Niklas, Marilyn McConnell, Anne Norman and some of Kaylee's children.  Claire Miller and her friend Crystal worked at the General Store where they gave out samples of chocolate beet cakes Claire baked from beets donated by Worden Farm.  Lewis and Stella Parker, Carol Mahler, Marie and Anne Niklas, Steven Ames, and Vernon Keen helped Cindy set up the children's area.  The Niklas bunch, the Parkers, and Carol’s family plus Cindy and her family and friends worked to pack up and transport all the items from the children's area back to the Museum and Seed House--and to Cindy's barn.
                   Elizabeth Kenney, Linda Keen,  Susan Kuczenska, Lou Towne, Lou Durant, and Kathy Bryce worked the Historical Society Booth and Kay and Leonard Higley handled the drink booth.  Both booths were very successful.
                  As usual Carol Mahler brought us great entertainment and was the best MC.  She had Cail Dyal and Jackie Hampton demonstrate whip-cracking for the opening ceremony and at the noon-time presentation.  JROTC Cadet David Neads impersonated Acrefoot Johnson.  Claire Miller portrayed Arcadia Albritton Coker.  
                 The JROTC boys and girls worked tirelessly in the rain to help Luke set up tables and chairs, help Dennis Tyson and Bruce Neveau with parking, then take down the tables and chairs.   Also helping Dennis and Bruce with parking was Allen Ressor, John Super and Kaylee Hampton, and Stella and Lewis Parker at the  back gate.
               Vernon Keen and Norma Banas roamed the grounds in golf carts supplied by George (Peace River Campground) and did everything from taking people to and from the bathroom to solving problems.  
                And thank you, Vernon, for taking on garbage detail and cleaning the garbage cans. On Sunday, Cindy and Jahna picked up trash in the park while Dave and Carol took down all the banners and signs advertising ioneer Day.  Then Jahna and Carol set up the tents and banners in the sun to dry, and later brought them in and stored them away.
               Thank you Luke Wilson for stepping in at the last minute to take care of the details related to set up and maintenance for the day.
              All in all, this rainy day event brought out the best in everyone. We are pleased with our vendors and demonstrators attitudes and proud of our volunteers.  See you all back in 2020!​


 Pioneer Day Activities