RECOLLECTIONS,  is a set of paper back volumes containing articles from and about Arcadia and DeSoto County, Florida.

Recollection I ($7) Recollections II, III, IV, V ($8 ea.). Click here to view table of contents of each volume.

The books are available at: 

DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce  16 N. Volusia​  OR, add $2 shipping and handling for each book use pay pal or send a check or money order to the DeSoto County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1824, Arcadia, FL  34265.

The History of the Smith-Brown School 1892-1950: Depicts its colorful unified progress through the years as well as new thoughts and trends for future programs which are sure to make the streams of learning continuous and enjoyable. Sponsored by the Membership and Publicity Committee of the Smith-Brown Parents-Teachers Association: Mrs. Hattie J. Allen, Chairman; Mrs. Thomasena Floyd, Secretary; Mrs. Para Lee Manual; Mrs. Bernice Rubin; Mrs. Venzula Jones; Mrs. Lucia A. Watson; Mrs. Josephine Browning.

 $10.00 each -  to DCHS, P.O. Box 1824, Arcadia, Fl. 34265

Sales will benefit both the Foundation and the Society. 

1927 Rosin Arcade on Oak Street

 Lithographs by Guy LaBree 

    Guy LaBree (1941-2015), known as “the Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles,” was a long-time resident of DeSoto County.  Two of his paintings represent the Seminole Tribe of Florida in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, and Carol Mahler’s book about him was published by the University Press of Florida in 2010.

    His widow Pat LaBree donated lithographs of three of the more than 1,000 canvases he painted, and the lithographs are on sale now to benefit the Society.  The Transmutation Chant lithographs are signed and numbered by Guy LaBree.  The others are not signed or numbered.  They are available for purchase at the the Seed House. 

1926 Plaza Hotel on Magnolia Street

Cracker Cures: A Compendium of Cures, Concoctions, Potions, Remedies, Magic, Old Wives' Tales, Omens, Luck Signs, and Talismans, 3rd Revised Edition  $5
Carol Mahler, editor and designer

Originally published in 1976, reprinted in 1978, and revised as a second edition in 1984. Cracker Cures, 3rd, rev. ed., preserves the original information and format (with corrections for clarity) and includes additional information from Florida Ethnobotany by Daniel F. Austin. 

Available at our meetings, at the Seed House during open hours OR use pay pal or, add $2 shipping and handling  and send a check or money order to the DeSoto County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1824, Arcadia, FL  34265.

End of Message (22” x 24”)  1996

​​​​Historic Postcards 

Set of Four for $2.50

Available at Seed House and at​
DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce, 10 S. Volusia Avenue
Mary Margaret's Tea and Biscuit, 10 S. Polk Ave.
Purple Peacock, 101 W. Oak St.
Treasure Alley, 108 W. Oak St.

can be mailed.  Add 50c postage.

Foot Prints & Landmarks

More Foot Prints & Landmarks

Howard Melton's series of hard cover historical books on DeSoto County's past, people & places are available from the DeSoto County Historical Society.  $40 each or $75 for both volumes.  Available at the Seed House or by mail.   Add $2 shipping and handling for each book and use pay pal or send a check or money order to the DeSoto County Historical Society,

P.O. Box 1824, Arcadia, FL  34265. 

Transmutation Chant (16” x 20”)  signed and numbered. 1981  


Hunter in the Grass (20” x 24”)  1996

1914 IOOF/WOW  Building

"A Walking Tour of Historic Arcadia, Florida revised edition" written and designed by Carol Mahler. Photographs by Bob Baumann and Rachel Renne.   SOLD OUT
     Howard Melton provided the research for the original and the revised booklet. 
Many of the historic photographs included in the booklet are from the Historical Society’s Howard and Velma Melton Historical Research Library, owned by the Historical Society.    OUT OF STOCK
    The booklet is divided into a “west” and an “east” tour.   A third edition that corrects errors in the first two editions and adds information is coming soon.

DeSoto County Code Enforcement obtained copies of Howard Melton's books Footprints and Landmarks: Arcadia and DeSoto County, Florida, and More Footprints and Landmarks: Arcadia and DeSoto County, Florida, for the County's Development Department. The information in the books will help the Building, Code Enforcement, Engineering, plus Planning and Zoning departments make informed decisions.

1911 Train Depot and Tree of Knowledge on Oak Street

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Guy LaBree: Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles by Carol Mahler

​Meet the outsider who gave color and shape to sacred Seminole legends, life, and history
"This book captures the magic of Florida through the eyes and paint brush of a true Florida artist."--Theodore Morris, artist and author of Florida's Lost Tribes.   

Available from, Hardcover $34.95