FIELD TRIPS to the John Morgan Ingram House and Seed House  

The DeSoto County Historical Society welcomes teachers to bring their students for a "field trip to the past"!  

The Society provides hands-on activities for the students so that they may “learn by doing.”  For example, they may experience washing clothes using a scrub board, bar of laundry soap, and wash tubs.  Or, they may learn how to write using a pen dipped in a bottle of ink or type their name on a manual typewriter.

The Society will ask the teacher to divide the class into groups of 4 or 5 students, and the small groups will rotate through the activities, so that each student will have an opportunity to do each hands-on activity.

The activities can be tailored to fit with the class’s curriculum.  For example, a class studying geometrical shapes may have an activity that invites students to make their own quilt square pattern using geometrical shapes.

Middle-school and high-school students will also enjoy hands-on activities that are the same tasks but designed to be more complex.  For example, instead of simply learning to use a pen dipped in ink, the students will use that skill as if they were a U.S. Census taker in 1920, the same year as Mrs. Ingraham completed the federal census for West Arcadia.

To schedule a field trip, please contact Carol Mahler at 863-44-50789 or online at